Mastering is what you need when your mix sounds good on its own, or on a certain set of speakers, but it needs that extra oomph to make it come alive–across all listening devices and compared to your favorite recordings.

Before (volume raised for fair comparison):


Hear more from Ben Talmi on his Bandcamp page.

When you get your music mastered by us, the overall loudness, brightness, low end, and width of your mixes will stack up against your favorite recordings. If you send us an album or EP, it will sound consistent from song to song. We can also add energy, excitement, and immediacy to your recordings. (Yes, there's a knob for that.)

In other words: listeners will be able to simply enjoy your music. They won't be distracted by having to adjust their volume, treble, or bass controls after putting your music on after one of their other favorite artists. And this will be true regardless of where they're listening–in a car stereo, on an iPod, at the club, on the radio, etc.

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