Hip Hop Mastering

We get hip hop. More than half of our clients are rappers, hip hop producers, or managers of hip hop artists. We follow the charts, we know the history, we even write about it on our blog. Whether you're going for an Atlanta/trap sound, pop/top 40, or an underground/"backpack" type feel, we've got you covered. Hear the difference that our hip hop mastering service can make with these before and after clips:

Hip Hop Mastering Clip

Before (volume raised for fair comparison):


Hear more from Knowbodies on their Bandcamp page.

Need a bigger difference than what you've just heard? Jump to our Stem Mastering section.

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Hip Hop Stem Mixing & Mastering

Think you may need more than just mastering? You may also be interested in our Stem Mixing & Mastering package, which is a hybrid between our mixing package and our mastering-only package, designed for artists with fully- or partly-mixed songs.

Mixing from stems enables us to do almost everything we would during the mixing stage–punchier drums, tighter low end, vocals more up front–all while retaining the essential character of your existing mix. Hear the difference:

Hip Hop Stem Mixing Clip

Before (volume raised for fair comparison):


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